Sight Flow Indicators & Level Gauges for critical shipboard application for Navy Combat Vessels and The Aegis -Early Warning Radar System

Sight Flow Indicators for Phalanx Defensive Gun System


The sight flow indicators and level gauges pictured here are among the most robust products we ever manufactured here at Papailias Incorporated. We engineered and constructed them for use on board naval vessels operating in potentially hostile conditions, such as adverse weather, high seas, and combat situations. Ruggedized for harsh environments and rough handling, these sight flow and level indicators are components of the Aegis early warning radar systems used on U.S. Navy cruisers and destroyers.

Drawing on our years of experience, we manufactured these products to align with strict Mil-spec, ASTM, and ANSI standards. Our equipment had to be thoroughly tested and meticulously documented in order to be qualified for use. Materials of construction included naval-grade bronze alloy, high-strength tempered glass, and compatible elastomers. We used the best materials for tolerating the punishing conditions of a marine environment, and these indicators and gauges are extremely resistant to corrosion, even with constant exposure to sea air and salt water.

To ensure we satisfied the stringent quality requirements, QA deployed a comprehensive set of measurement, test, and inspection procedures. Performed by certified inspectors, these products were extensively tested to validate that they could withstand extreme shock and vibration. In addition, hydrostatic testing confirmed that these sight flow indicators and level gauges were leak-tight and had the strength to perform safely and reliably in a critical military system.

As a company with experience, technical engineering knowledge, and precision manufacturing capabilities, our customers have confidence in our ability to produce critical assemblies where there is absolutely no room for error. We continue to manufacture and stock these sight flow indicators and level gauges in various configurations.

To learn more about these products or our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

Project Details

Project Name & Description
Sight Flow Indicators & Level Gauges
Capabilities Applied/Processes
We had to draw on our years of experience to design and manufacture the most robust Sight Flow Indicators and Level Gauges that would survive and thrive on board naval vessels in potentially hostile situations and able to withstand weathering high seas and combat situations.
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Naval grade bronze alloy
High strength tempered glass
Compatible Elastomers
Industry for Use
-US Navy
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Sight Flow Indicators and Level Gauges are shock and vibration qualified.
Hydrostatically tested.
Estimated Part Weight
Delivery/Turnaround Time
In-stock to 8 weeks
Delivery Location
Continental USA
Standards Met

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