Process Vessel Lighting


In industrial locations where environmental factors such as dust or gases create potential explosive or combustible hazards, suitable explosion-proof illumination can be a challenge. Appropriate process lighting facilitates safe operation in locations with explosive or combustible atmospheric conditions.

High-intensity discharge (HID) explosion-proof process lights brightly light up a broad range of process equipment such as large vessels or tanks, allowing workers to safely conduct operations with excellent visibility. As the brightest light of its type, the HID design efficiently transmits light through the smallest possible diameter sight glass to mitigate exposure to harmful environmental elements.

The Importance of Process Vessel Lighting

Process vessel lighting is important part of safe operation in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and more. Tanks and vessels require cleaning and sterilization between product batches. This part of the process is important for maintaining a pure product, unadulterated by residue from previous batches or cleaning agents.

Failure to properly clean equipment can result in the contamination of future production runs and potentially compromising millions of dollars of valuable product that must then be rejected and disposed of due to quality concerns. Consequently, adequate lighting for cleaning and inspection of the process vessel interior is an essential element in maintaining product integrity.

Stainless steel vessels are common in manufacturing facilities with strict contamination protocols because they are more resistant to corrosion and contamination. LED process vessel lighting is also ideal for supporting sanitary inspection processes such as CIP riboflavin testing.

Advantages of LED Process Vessel Lighting

There are a number of advantages to using LED illumination in process vessels—especially those that pose an explosive hazard. These advantages include:

  • Environmental friendliness, which is becoming increasingly important to more conscientious manufacturers and the end consumers who purchase their products.
  • LED lighting has a longer service life than traditional halogen bulbs, which provides long-term maintenance cost reductions and reduced labor needs.
  • The ability to select the brightness and color temperature of LED lights allows for the optimization of lighting to meet specific visual needs related to unique processes.
  • A significantly lower amount of heat is emitted by LED lights, further lowering risks for explosion or damaging heat sensitive processes or environments.
  • Digital control of LED lighting allows for very specific, computer-controlled dimming.

Process Lighting Products by Papailias

The products offered by Papailias provide optimal visual capabilities in process vessels. Our product line includes a range of sight glasses and explosion proof lighting fixtures, which accommodate a clear view inside process vessels whether hazardous or non-hazardous conditions are present. With both lighting and viewing ability, our all-in-one sight glasses only require one port into the system.

Our HIGH-INTENSITY LED [HI-LED] product line features benefits such as:

  • Extended service life (35,000 hours vs. 1,000 to 2,000 hours for halogen lights), lasting 98% longer than a standard 100 watt halogen bulb
  • Innovative technology, which includes heat, vibration, surface oil, and dust resistance
  • Provides optimal lighting for use with video monitoring systems
  • No excessive heat production even during continuous operation and no heat is transmitted into the vessel or sight glass
  • Twice the light at 1/3 the wattage than other bulbs
  • Meets Energy Star standards (LED array LM80 tested)
  • Requires 93% less energy and produces light intensity 22% higher than a 100-watt halogen bulb
  • Customized optics provide bright, uniform, high-intensity white light without any hotspots or yellow tinting

These benefits make Papailias' HI-LED lighting a viable solution for the most demanding process vessel lighting applications.

Illuminate Your Operation with Papailias

Papailias understands how critical illumination within process vessels is to the successful manufacturing a limitless range of products. Our explosion-proof lighting solutions and all-in-one sight glasses provide the highest level of safety without sacrificing lighting clarity and intensity. In addition, our LED products provide the most cost-effective solution for process vessel lighting over the long term.

Contact us or request a quote to learn how we can provide your organization with the ideal lighting solutions for your manufacturing processes.

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