Level Gauges

Level gauges are used to measure fluid levels for various industrial purposes. The devices are commonly found in drums, tanks, pressure vessels, and similar applications. Given the variety of uses, level gauges come in many forms and are made to simplify the process of determining fluid level within a container. 

These gauges are especially important in cases when a fluid’s level is near impossible to measure manually or when the liquid within the container is dangerous to work with. These are only two examples of the many situations where a level gauge can be not only useful, but crucial to operational success.

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Types of Level Gauges 

Considering the varied applications that could require a level gauge, Papailias offers multiple types of gauges to suit the unique needs of our customers. Each has specific properties uniquely suited to their intended purpose. These level gauges include the following:

Level Guard Liquid

Available in metal and polycarbonate, the standard level guard liquid gauge is available in four varieties. These gauges offer the ability to check the contents of a tank, a way to track the injection rate of a chemical metering pump, or both.

Tubular Liquid

Tubular liquid level gauges are made for use with Corning standard, high pressure, red line, or heavy wall tubing. Tubular liquid gauges are available in bronze or stainless steel for high- and low-pressure applications and feature standard male pipe thread connections for easy installation. 

Magnetic Liquid

Some setups can’t tolerate glass equipment, in which case magnetic liquid level gauges offer a viable, low maintenance, durable alternative. Radially positioned magnets provide a full-circle magnetic flux field, which indicate liquid levels through a series of magnetic flag markers that give an accurate visual indication of fluid levels without the use of glass or risk of fluid contamination. 

Armored Liquid

Gauges used in harsh environments need a little more protection. Armored level gauges feature high-performance covers, gaskets, bolts, and specialized cushioning to protect glass components. Our range of armored gauges is crafted with a wide variety of high-performance materials to meet the needs of myriad operations and environments. 

Level Gauge Applications

Papailias offers multiple types of level gauges, each with various options for operation under many different situations.

Level guard liquid gauges offer rugged solutions that operate under low-to-medium pressures for marine applications. Tubular liquid level gauges are similarly useful in marine applications, but also for hygienic and chemical process applications. Magnetic level gauges work well in situations that involve high pressures, tough environments, or hazardous materials, as well as operations where easy maintenance or reliability is of utmost importance. Armored liquid level gauges are best for harsh or severe environments because of their extreme protective properties. Some varieties of these gauges can even withstand temperatures up to 750° F. 

At Papailias, we offer solutions for applications needing precise, reliable fluid level measurement. Whatever environmental conditions, pressure levels, temperature ranges, or other challenges you face, we have a solution for your needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we provide only the best solutions for measurement. 

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