Using Explosion Proof Lights for Brewery Applications


Adequate process lighting is an essential element of any safe industrial workplace. However, in environments with explosive environmental hazards such as dust, debris, chemicals, or gases, lighting must sufficiently contain any ignition source to avoid igniting the ambient environment. Explosion-proof light fixtures operate in a vacuum-sealed environment to ensure that sparks won’t interact with the environment outside of the fixture housing.

Breweries rely on explosion-proof lighting for a variety of purposes. Brewers often need to look inside various containers that may contain combustible fumes or light manufacturing process lines and equipment.All of this equipment must be well lit, but not all lighting is safe to use in the brewery environment. Dust from hops and grains or fumes from fermented ingredients pose an explosive risk without the use of proper equipment.

A variety of standard brewery equipment can operate more safely with the use of explosion-proof lighting, such as:

  • Automatic labeling equipment
  • Boilers
  • Bottling equipment
  • Canning lines
  • Cleaning/waste treatment systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Conveyors
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Filters
  • Kegs
  • Kettles
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Tap handles

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Why Explosion Proof Lighting Is Necessary

Halogen bulbs are common in many different lighting fixtures. That doesn't mean these fixtures are safe for use in every environment, however. Hazardous, confined spaces call for higher safety standards. Explosion-proof lighting protects workers from the dangerous ignition of flammable or combustible materials.

In addition, explosion-proof lighting is easier to sanitize than more common lighting solutions. It's important to be able to thoroughly and efficiently clean all areas that are exposed in a food or beverage manufacturing environment, but halogen fixtures aren't necessarily built to withstand the level of sanitization necessary in these applications.

Conversely, explosion-proof lighting fixtures are made of food-grade stainless steel and other food-safe materials. As they are designed not to interfere with their surrounding environment, they have no crevices or other areas that can harbor debris or bacteria. They are easily cleaned and resist harsh chemicals, making them safe for use in food and beverage operations.

Explosion Proof Lighting in Brewery Applications

In the dynamic environment of a brewery, explosion-proof lighting fixtures are a logical improvement. These fixtures are compact and adaptable. For example, our SLEX-100/REX-100 series is fitted with a high-quality Series SVTC sight glass. The lens of this glass is built into the unit. This fixture is capable of full vacuum with 150 PSIG, and can withstand a maximum temperature of 500° F. Even greater pressure and temperature ratings are also available.Potentially hazardous equipment such as this calls for explosion-proof lighting, which is available in halogen or high-intensity LED (HI-LED) lamps. They are available in a variety of input voltage options and meet a range of standards for explosion-proof equipment, including:

  • UL-844
  • C-UL/CSA c22.2 No. 137 Listed for explosion proof areas
  • Class 1, 2; Division 1, 2; Groups C, D, E, F & G.

When choosing explosion-proof lighting, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • Lumen requirements. LED and halogen lighting are available in similar lumen measurements.
  • Service life and reliability. LED lights last as much as 50 times longer than halogen bulbs.
  • Costs. Halogen bulbs are significantly cheaper initially, but LED lights last much longer which reduces long-term costs.

Fixtures are available with important features specific to food and beverage manufacturing. Both halogen and LED luminaires are available with wash-down compatibility. Sight glasses are usually held in place by a threaded retainer.

Process Illumination with Papailias

For the specific needs of a brewery, explosion-proof lighting offers a practical and safe lighting solution for all process areas. Papailias is proud to offer the highest quality explosion-proof lighting on the market. Visit our catalog to learn more about our products or contact us for more information about specific solutions for your application.