Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures in Sanitary Applications


Safety is a primary concern in any work environment. Some production spaces call for a higher level of caution, especially if the work is done in a confined space. When you need to ensure the safety of workers and their surroundings in sanitary applications, explosion-proof lighting provides an important layer of protection.

Explosion-proof lighting mitigates the risk of combustion or explosion from the light fixture itself through the containment of all sparks, dangerous chemicals, and gases within explosion-proof housing. If flammable substances are present in the atmosphere, this containment ensures that combustion won’t occur in the wider environment due to any internal factors in the light fixture. For locations that contain hazardous materials, such as solvents, dust, chemicals, or gases, this simple light fixture can promote safety while preventing injury or facility damage.

Why Explosion Proof Lighting is Necessary

Manufacturers always have to balance costs with benefits. Why are the highest quality fixtures worth the investment?

  • Explosion proof lighting is especially important in hazardous work areas. In confined spaces, a spark can be deadly. Flammable substances—such as volatile vapors, fibers, or certain types of dust—can ignite should they come into contact with the smallest ignition source.
  • Explosion proof lighting is resistant to these substances, but if they do enter the fixture and ignite, the reaction is fully contained. By preventing the explosion from spreading to ambient flammable material, these fixtures keep a minor problem from becoming a disaster. In this way, they protect the workers and the environment.

Explosion Proof Lighting in Sanitary Applications

In sanitary work environments, all the equipment that is used must meet stringent requirements, and lighting is no exception. Industrial explosion-proof lighting fixtures have important features that are perfect for these stringent conditions.

  • Compact and Versatile
    These specialized lighting fixtures offer compact, adaptable lighting solutions suitable for use in a variety of enclosed sanitary spaces, including process tanks and other vessels.
  • Typical Applications
    Manufacturers working in hazardous locations often use explosion-proof lighting fixtures to illuminate the insides of containers that are usually kept closed, such as tanks, vessels, silos, and mixers. This lighting equipment is available in a variety of input voltage options, with either halogen or high-intensity LED (HI-LED) lamps.
  • Certifications
    Our explosion proof lighting is available in the following classifications:
    • UL-844
    • C-UL/CSA c22.2 No. 137 Listed for explosion proof areas
    • Class 1, 2, Division 1, 2; Groups C, D, E, F & G

Sanitary High Intensity LED (HI-LED) Hazardous Location Light Glasses

The SLEX/SVTC and REX/SVTC series of sanitary explosion-proof S light glasses are manufactured per our proprietary Papailias, Inc., industry-leading design. Features include:

  • An integrated clamp-style sanitary sight glass.
  • The lens is integral to the unit, instead of a separate, loose piece.
  • The standard version of this product has a pressure rating of 150 PSIG, with a full vacuum with a maximum upper-temperature limit of 500° F. Higher pressure and temperature ratings are also available.
  • Crafted with anodized aluminum components, PTFE, stainless steel, and glass, this fixture is specifically suited for applications that require superior cleanliness—such as research, medical, or pharmaceutical applications.

Sanitary Lighting Solutions from Papailias, Inc.

In sanitary work environments, the right lighting is essential. However, if industrial lighting fixtures aren't designed to prevent dangerous explosions, the consequences can be dire. Industrial explosion-proof lighting protects workers and the production environment in sanitary applications, without sacrificing the need for convenient and effective illumination.

At Papailias, Inc., we are proud to offer industry-leading options in industrial explosion-proof lighting fixtures. Check out our catalog for more information about our explosion-proof lighting products. If you have any questions or need help determining your unique application’s lighting needs, please contact us.

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