Type 1 Window Washer
Good for low pressure applications, the Type 1 window washer wipers direct, thru-the-glass mechanism is simple and reliable.

Series PL 100/4" SVTC
Designed for use as a combination light and sight glass, this unit is used when vessel space is limited.

Sanitary Sight glasses SVTC
Provides low cost viewing in sanitary applications, the SVTC is used extensively in food, fairy and pharmaceutical applications

Papailias Incorporated has established its position of leadership in the process observation and control field by continually providing new and innovative products to solve the most difficult problems facing process engineers. Starting with a complete line of high quality basic sight glasses, sight flow indicators, liquid level gauges, and lighting fixtures. Papailias has traditionally developed specialized products to meet specific customer needs. Our staff of highly trained technical personnel provide practical, low cost answers to the most pressing design problems for a wide range of process applications.

New European Distributor
Papailias is pleased to announce the addition of Papailias Euro Customer Services. P
apailias Euro Customer Services will handle Euro business.

Technical Information
This section provides an overview of Papailias' glass products. Including technical information such as working pressures, standard sizes and more.

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